February 2019 Ideas Review

No, I think he meant this one. The other one seems to be from 2012(!).
As with the new update (at least new for me) there is no possibility to go to the songs saved from one artist, since the artists in the artist tab only lead to their respective artist page. Instead we have one giant “Liked Songs” Playlist (5000+ tracks) with every song we saved, which we should go through, just to play the songs we like from an artist? In which filtering for a string plays every song, which has the string somwhere in their title’s, artist’s or album’s name?
Or are we supposed to create a Playlist for every artist, with only the songs we like from them? That would take hours, and it doesn’t help decluddering the UI. Saving Albums is also not an option, since there are a lot of them, which consist half of instrumentals and live versions, that one might not like to hear; or are Singles and EP’s which make you switch Albums every few minutes.

Also Saving a whole album makes it appear in the “Album” tab solely, while saving a whole album apart from a few songs makes the songs appear in “Liked Songs” not in the Album tab.
I don’t see any advantages in the new UI and sorting, and I am genuinly mad about how inconvenient it is. If this doesn’t get fixed soon I really have to consider changing to another platform.

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